Aug 2, 2013

Panama Mwen Tonbe

Mwen soti la ville Jacmel
mwen prale Lavale
an arivan lavil Aux Cayes
panama mwen tonbe

panama mwen tonbe

 panama mwen tonbe
 panama mwen tonbe
sa-ki-deye, ranmase li pou mwen

Mwen soti la vil Aux Cape
mwen prale Potoprins
an arivan  nan TiGinen
panama mwen tonbe

mwen soti la vil Ocap
map antre Potoprins
an ariva Croix Des Missions
panama mwen tonbe

English translation:
I left Jacmel
And went to LaValay
When I arrived at the crossroads of Aux-cayes
My hat fell off!

My hat fell off!
My hat fell off!
My hat fell off!
Whoever is in behind me
Please pick it up for me. 

I left the Cape Haitian
and went to Port Au Prince
When I arrived at TiGinen
My hat fell off!

I left the Cape Haitian
to go to Port Au Prince
When I arrived to Croix Des Missions
My hat fell off!  


Jul 31, 2013

Panama mwen Tonbe (background)

"Panama mwen tonbe" is  an Haitian  folk song which talked about the death of  ex-Haitian President Florvil Hyppolite on March 24, 1896. Florvil Hyppolite whom at the time was president of the Haiti republic, mounted his horse leaving Les Cayes, and was heading to Lavallee, experienced intense fear when his hat flew off his head hit  the ground with a soft plump on a perfectly still day. He knew then the he was doomed to die. As every Haitian know when one's hat flew off one's head and hit the ground on a perfectly still day is sign of bad omen. As in death is near, circling above, preying on a soul. 

Well, Hypolite should have picked up his hat put back it on, dismounted the hose, and stayed home. Nope! The President sighed,  blatantly ignored the bad omen. He mounted his horse and left  Jacmel. Jacmel, as history told us was the only region in Haiti that was not under Hypolite direct supervision and was home to his arch-nemesis; Merisier Jeannis whom likewise was a powerful witchdoctor. Some said Merisier was a soul snatcher.

In any case, It is reported, on his way to Jacmel to confront Merisier about misusing and swindling money from the state president  Hypolite suffered a heart attack, fell off his horse, and died on impact. The details of hi final moments are not exactly known, but the legend of his death survived in some folklore songs, one namely, “Panama mwen tonbe”. 

Some say Jeannisdid snatched Hypolite soul right unsure his nose!

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