Oct 26, 2011

Ti Zwazo Kote Ou Prale

 Ti zwazo, kote ou prale?
Mwen prale kay Fiyèt Lalo.
Fiyèt Lalo konn manje timoun.
Si w ale l'ap manje ou tou.
Bri kolobrik. Bri kolobrik.
Rossignol manje corossol

Woul-o woul-o
Lè m soti lavil Aux Cayes
Tout bèt tombe nan bwa
Mademoiselle, voulez-vous danser?
Non, Monsier, je suis fatigueé.


Little bird, "where are you going?"
I am going to Fiyèt Lalo"
"Fiyèt Lalo eat baby birds,
If yo you go there he will eat yo too!"
Make noise  Nightingale, Make noise nightingale
Nightingale ate sysop.

Roll, roll...
When I left Caye city all the bird fell off the tree!
"My lady would you like to dance?"
"No sir , I am too tired."



Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie! i love your site. Its very helpful. I am a kindergarten teacher and looking for some short stories to use in our play. Do you have a suggestion? a short and funny one would be nice. Thanks!

Laurie said...

check back tomorrow, I will post for you "Ti Kabrit Pechè Pwason, a little goat angler. It is a silly story hope you like it.

Haiti: Sans Le Hype said...

Hello! I was wondering where you got the music from? Hop you see this by Weds october 8th 2014 because I have to preform it at school on FRIDAY!

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