Nov 28, 2012

A B C D Je’m chech

Ti pitit?
Kote’w soti??
Ki sa yo montre w?
A B C D Je’m chech!

“Hey Sweetie?”
“Yes ma’am”
“Where did you go?”
“…To school”
“What they teach you?”
“ADCD, Street Smart!”

Nov 25, 2012

Ron - ronde les ecoliers...

This is a game where players must try to keep a straight face from start to finish, whilea designated player tell a joke or does something silly.  Whoever manages to keep a straight face from start to finish wins.

Ron - ronde les ecoliers
Sans rire et sans parler,
La premiere qui rira,
De la ronde sortira,
1 - 2 fix

Gather in circle students
Don’t smile and keep silence
The first one who laugh
Of the circle will be release
1.2. freeze

Mom Dieu protège Haiti

Mom Dieu protège mom pays  Au beau pays que mon cœur aime  Celui que j'aimerai toujours  Celui que j'aimerai quand...