Oct 6, 2012

Kach Kach Li Ben

Kach, Kah li bien is a game that involves children gathering in a circle and hiding a small object such as a rock or a beanbag while singing the song below.  At the end of the song one of the player is asked to guess who has the object.

Kach kach Li bien 
Sere li bien
Kach kach li bien 
Sere li bien
Sere li bien, bien, bien
“Saki genyen?”
“Pitit an mwen…”
“Kiles ki pran’l?
“Mademoizel Lourde


Hide, hide it well

store it well 
Hide, hide it well 
Store it really well, well, well
“What happened...?
“It’s my child!”
“Who took him?” 
“Miss Lourde

Miss Lourde please kindly show us your hands

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